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  • A Passion for All Things Art & Design

    From an early age, Cameron has pursued his passion for art. Selling his first sketch in the second grade made him realize early on that this was the career path for him. When others wanted to be firemen or police officers, Cameron always wanted to be an "artist".

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  • Layers of Experience

    With over 10 years of experience as a professional designer, Cameron has come to be knowledgeable and skilled at many arenas within the design realm. His history in both web design and designing for print marketing proves he truly is a jack of all trades, with mastery as his highest goal in everything he does.

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  • Illustration & Live Painting

    After being featured in RAW Artist Orange County's 2014 Local Artists Showcase and receiving a lot of buzz over his recent painting endeavors, Cameron decided to pursue the California Roots Live Painting Wild Card Contest and won the contest out of the top 5 selected artists!

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Visual Design

With over ten years experience designing for web and print, Cameron can design in any dimension for any marketing material or digital content you are looking to produce.

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Branding & Logo Design

Through research and gaining an understanding of your target audience, Cameron effectively strategizes the aesthetic of your brand's persona.

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Custom vector illustration, character design, painting, and portraits are some of the skills in Cameron's wheelhouse.

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In 2014, Cameron was lucky enough to win four W3C Silver Awards for Website Branding, Branded Content, Mobile Apps: Innovative/Experimental, Mobile Apps: Maps & Navigation. W3C Creates the standards for the web, so this is a huge honor!

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Portfolio Selections

Below you will find some of Cameron's recent achievments and portfolio pieces. As you may have noticed, his work varies quite a bit, but quality is always a primary objective. Every design, every brushstroke, every pixel - Cameron puts 110% into.

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