From an early age, Cameron pursued his passion for art. Selling one of his first sketches in the second grade made him realize early on that this was the path he would take. While other kids wanted to be firemen or Ninja Turtles, Cameron always wanted to be an artist...

While living in Los Angeles during high school, he received a two-year scholarship to Brentwood Art Center which would propel his passion for art even further. Developing his digital portfolio since he was sixteen years old, he has been working on Adobe applications for over twenty-two years.

For the last seventeen of those years, Cameron has performed as an Art Director, Creative Director, Web Developer and Designer at influential marketing firms and print distributors.

After receiving a lot of buzz over delving into live painting back in 2014, Cameron decided to pursue the California Roots Live Painting Wild Card Contest and won the contest out of the top 5 selected artists. He ended up painting a portrait of Medusa on a Sector 9 skateboard while on-stage with the Dirty Heads. The same stage where Jimi Hendrix once lit his guitar on fire.

Since then, he has continued to paint live with many other bands at concert venues, as well as work with many of those bands to produce their digital artwork and illustrations. The biggest source of Cameron's inspiration are his family and friends that continually inspire him to chase his dream.